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Mission and Vision

MISSION: Our mission is to promote the social development of our rural community through learning.

Our education model is based on the commitment and support of community members and volunteers.

VISION: Our vision is to become a model Learning Center for de social development of rural communities in Costa Rica and beyond.

Mission and Vision

Our Values

Creativity: We value an environment where teachers use innovative teaching methods in order to promote creativity in their students.  Creativity, paired with a positive attitude, allows us to confront life’s daily challenges in unique and functional ways by making connections, imagining possibilities, exploring options, and reflecting critically on ideas, actions, and outcomes.
Responsibility:  We strongly believe in the commitment to complete our obligations according to our agreements and to make small achievements that encourage us to fulfill the mission and vision of our center.  With responsibility one can made huge strides and successes.
Perseverance:  We are committed to maintain motivation in spite of all the unpredictability that can materialize in our path.
Team Work: Nearly everything in life is done through teamwork.  This value encourages us to work with a realization of the common objectives and beliefs that separate us as individuals but also complements and enriches us.
Environmental Commitment: Our planet’s future relies on a well-educated public to be stewards of an environment that currently sustains our families and communities and eventually, our future generations.  By instilling this value in our young people, we prepare to become true change-agents for a more harmonious and sustainable planet.

Environmental Commitment

Location and Facilities

Copey de Dota is a small community of about 700 people located an hour and a half South of the capital of San José in an area called Zona de Los Santos. It is located in a national forest reserve and surrounded by lush forests filled with many types of Costa Rican flora and fauna.  The community is strongly rooted in agriculture, and rural tourism, is a growing sector.

We are currently housed in a local community building in the center of Copey de Dota in the central Valley of Costa Rica, with a small library consisting of educational books and didactic materials.   We are in the process of expanding to include a small computer lab and green space with gardens in which the students can participate in various class activities.


Who We Are

We are a not-for-profit, volunteer-run school comprised of Native-English speaking, ESL-certified teachers and a Board of Directors comprised of local community members.

Teachers and Board members are of great value and importance within the school community.  Each person has something unique to offer therefore, teachers are encouraged to teach their individual interests as well as seek opportunities for their students to learn through service to their community and environmental stewardship.

Teachers receive support from both the Board of Directors and the community to ensure that they have the necessary resources to teach to their utmost potential and provide a strong educational experience for every student.

Who We Are

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