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General Information

All our English classes and programs are educationally based in the areas of environmental, cultural and social development.  They focus on capactiy building of all community members in order to integrate the appreciation of nature and the environment.  Through this, both students and teachers develop skills and abilities that will allow them to become change agents for a more harmonious and sustainable future.

In next sections  you can find  information about our programs group by:  English as a Second Language (ESL) ProgramEnvironment Programs and Culture Programs.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Program

Our ESL programs are geared towards success in English acquisition.  As rural tourism grows in our community, it is important that our community members be able to communicate with visitors in order to promote sustainability of this important trade. Furthermore, we want to foster English language skills that are increasingly essential in many professions.

All our teachers are native English speakers, who posess a Bachelor of Education or are certified in the teaching of English as a Second Language with previous teaching experience.

Our ESL courses cover all four language aspects in order to ensure success in all areas of the language – reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Classes include a variety of teaching methods to ensure all learning styles are met. As such, group work and individual activities utilizing games, songs, multimedia activities and field trips are used on a constant basis.

Additionally, students will learn from a native English-speaking teacher. Through this interaction, they will benefit by gaining not only on a linguistic level but cultural as well.

Classes operate Monday through Friday with five levels of classes:

Elementary Levels: Students range from toddlers to grade 6 and they ordinarily have regular instruction at their public school.

Elementary Level I - for toddlers and first-graders. This is their first interaction with the English language, and although students do not yet know how to write, language introduction is conducted through songs, visual arts, storybook reading.

Elementary Level II – for students in the 2nd and 3rd grades. At this level, students already study English during their regular school hours.

Elementary Level III - for students grades 4 to 6.

Adult Levels: Student ages range from youths to retired adults. Their English knowledge ranges from very Beginner to intermediate.

Adult Level I – for Beginner-level students. These classes are the first introduction of the language and prepare them for Level II.  At the completion of this level, students will be able to understand basic English grammar, possess important vocabulary for everyday situations, and be able to read and write basic sentences.

Adult Level II - Intermediate.  Students have some knowledge of English.  At the completion of the intermediate level, students are able to read and summarize short passages, write short accounts, have a solid foundation of English grammar and express ideas and thoughts.

Adult Level III – Advanced classes will be available in the future.

ESL program

Environment Programs

Our environmental education program is a core component of our curriculum and is imbedded in the teaching of ESL.
We promote environmental consciousness in our classes by using a variety of teaching tools. Additionally, we offer in-field experiences so students can learn first-hand about the environment through key areas such as recycling, reforestation, conservation, preservation.
Three Rs Now! Program: Recylcing is an integral way of playing an active role in caring for the planet. Three R’s Now applies the practices of Reducing, Reusing, Recycling. Children create and play an active part in a community recylcing center where they learn the basics of the Three R’s and how they affect our daily lives.
Fun in the Forest Program: This program consists of field trips into the surrounding cloud forest, national parks and biological reserves, primarily the Quetzal National Park and Cerro Vueltas Biological Reserve. These guided experiences offer a hands-on exploration of flora and fauna unique to our forests and how we can work to prerserve and protect fragile species. The field trips are guided by local volunteers who are certified in the study of birds.

Leaf by Leaf to the Future Program: This program consists of planting 2,000 native tree species a year, principally the ‘Aguacatillo (Persea sp.)’ or Wild Avocado tree which serves a food source for the resplendent quetzal. The participants of the program consist of Copey Learning students and community leaders and the benefactors. Benefactors make a minimal donation to the program in order to purchase a tree. They can also choose to be a part of the tree-planting expedition or simply to have the tree planted for them. The tree will be planted in their name or in the name of someone of their choosing and in this way contribute Leaf by Leaf to a cleaner future.

Environment program

Culture Programs

Our culture programs include a variety of workshops and classes for children and youth that promote cultural development in the areas of arts, music, and dance so they can acheive personal growth and have a postive impact on their world through pleasing experiences in the arts.  Central elements to our cultural programs include artistic growth, personal development, and community engagement, inviting them to work towards social change and development in their community and beyond.

RecyclArt Program: This program explores using recycled and reused items to create works of art.

Murals and Mosaics Program: This program explores the use of paint and mosaics in public spaces, such as schools and community meeting spaces.

Literacy through Photography Program: This program combines the use of writing and photography to explore different themes and issues pertinent to the students’ lives.

Folk Dance Program: The majority of the students in the Elementary levels are part of the Folk Dance group called Azahares de Copey that currently exists.  The group presents at cultural events such as town festivals within the community and nearby communities as a way to express the culture through dance.

Culture programs

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